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Fairfield-Liverpool Cricket Association

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FLCA Senior Comp 3rd Grade
FLCA Senior Comp 4th Grade
FLCA Senior Comp 5th Grade
FLCA Senior Comp 6th Grade
FLCA 1st/2nd Grade
FLCA 1st/2nd Grade Twenty20 Final
FLCA 4th Grade Twenty20 Final
FLCA 3rd Grade Twenty20 Final
FLCA 5th Grade Twenty20 Final
FLCA 6th Grade Twenty20 Final
1 McInnes, PaulMoorebank Cricket Club Ltd00001310000
2 Sneesby, JasonMoorebank Cricket Club Ltd11000000000
3 Hines, JyeCabra-Vale Diggers Cricket Club0300000000
4 Cheatham, StephenPrestons Hornets Cricket Club0010000000
5 Meader, ShaunSmithfield RSL Cricket Club0300000000
6 Keen, LanceMoorebank Cricket Club Ltd0000100000
7 Imran, ImranSporting Rovers Cricket Club0900000000
8 Koppen, Dylan MMoorebank Cricket Club Ltd0000600000
9 Mohammed, FaizalPrestons Hornets Cricket Club0028000001
10 Alexander, BenHoxton Park Tigers Cricket Club13000000000
11 Purton, AnthonyMoorebank Cricket Club Ltd1000000000
12 Bennie, Andrew JPrestons Hornets Cricket Club00001410000
13 Gregory, JordySmithfield RSL Cricket Club1000000000
14 Makhoul, EmilMoorebank Cricket Club Ltd01100000000
15 Bates, JohnChipping Norton Cricket Club11000000000
16 Mitchell, Robert PPrestons Hornets Cricket Club00001410000
17 Markna, DavidPrestons Hornets Cricket Club00001410000
18 Harlor, ScottPrestons Hornets Cricket Club0070000000
19 Maher, ZeeshanMoorebank Cricket Club Ltd0100000000
20 Romeo, VinceMoorebank Cricket Club Ltd0000310000
21 Subramanya, RahulMoorebank Cricket Club Ltd1000700000
22 Simpson, RyanMoorebank Cricket Club Ltd0000400000
23 Gunasekaran, PremkumarHoxton Park Tigers Cricket Club16000000000
24 Chandra, AaronMoorebank Cricket Club Ltd0300000000
25 Rana, SufyanMoorebank Cricket Club Ltd01500000000
26 Graham, ShaneCabra-Vale Diggers Cricket Club0800000000
27 Burton, BrettPrestons Hornets Cricket Club0140201000
28 VUKASIN, PaulCasula Giraffes Cricket Club00140000000
29 VUKASIN, LukeCasula Giraffes Cricket Club00120000000
30 Kumar, Rajneel RMarconi Cricket Club00010000000
31 Defina, James MMarconi Cricket Club01200000000
32 Green, KyleMoorebank Cricket Club Ltd0000100000
33 Horne, Benjamin DMarconi Cricket Club01400000000
34 Kuruppu, Vishal RMoorebank Cricket Club Ltd0000100000
35 Taylor, RyanMarconi Cricket Club01400000000
36 Jose, AustinMoorebank Cricket Club Ltd14000000000
37 Newman, Shaun PPrestons Hornets Cricket Club00001410000
38 Stanley, ChristopherPrestons Hornets Cricket Club0700000000
39 Chandra, MatthewMoorebank Cricket Club Ltd0600000000
40 Defina, RyanMarconi Cricket Club01300000000
41 Khan, Harris MSmithfield RSL Cricket Club01000000000
42 Quinn, Benjamin NPrestons Hornets Cricket Club0900001000
43 KILROY, BrodieMt Pritchard Community Club00014000000
44 SLOBODZIAN, MarkCasula Giraffes Cricket Club00130000000
45 Moore, DavidCabra-Vale Diggers Cricket Club0700000000
46 Meagher, SeanMoorebank Cricket Club Ltd00001210000
47 Di Martino, JulianMoorebank Cricket Club Ltd0000100000
48 GIBLIN, JackCasula Giraffes Cricket Club00130000000
49 BAEZA, AlexanderCasula Giraffes Cricket Club00130000000
50 Dickson, ClaeCasula Giraffes Cricket Club00140000000
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Total Records: 549   Page: 1 of 11   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]>Next
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