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Newcastle District Cricket Association Inc.

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1st Grade Two Day Competition
2nd Grade Two Day Competition
3rd Grade Competition
4th Grade Competition
Denis Broad OAM Cup Pool A
Denis Broad OAM Cup Pool B
U/21 T20 Competition
Denis Broad OAM Cup Finals
U/15 T20 Competition
1st Gr One Day Competition (Tom Locker)
Dennis Broad (OAM) Cup
2nd Grade One Day Competition (RMC)
Denis Broad OAM Cup Pool C
S&D League
1 Curtis, Lachlan JWaratah-Mayfield District Cricket Club0000000001000000
2 Bartlett, Ted EHamilton-Wickham Cricket Club0000000000001000
3 Bartlett, Hamish WMerewether Cricket Club0000000001000000
4 Byron, Tom BWests Cricket Club0000000000001000
5 Brackenbury, Kieran JWaratah-Mayfield District Cricket Club0000000000001000
6 Brackenbury, Joshua RWaratah-Mayfield District Cricket Club0000000001000000
7 Emerton, Joshua CWests Cricket Club0000000001000000
8 Newell, TroyStockton & Northern Districts Cricket Club0000000000000000
9 Morley, BlakeWaratah-Mayfield District Cricket Club0010000000000000
10 Young, BrendonMerewether Cricket Club0010000000000000
11 Dundas, Jack TWaratah-Mayfield District Cricket Club0000000000001000
12 Burke, Jonathon PWaratah-Mayfield District Cricket Club0000000000000001
13 Arms, DanielCharlestown District Cricket Club0000000001000000
14 Single, CallumHamilton-Wickham Cricket Club0000000000001000
15 Sinclair, Aidan ACharlestown District Cricket Club0001000000000000
16 Taylor, Lachlan GWaratah-Mayfield District Cricket Club0000000001000000
17 Shakespeare, AndrewWests Cricket Club0000000001000000
18 Caponecchia, Marco rStockton & Northern Districts Cricket Club0000000000000000
19 Crosdale, Brett LStockton & Northern Districts Cricket Club0000000000000000
20 Freeman, Mark cStockton & Northern Districts Cricket Club0000000000000000
21 Pugh, Warren TStockton & Northern Districts Cricket Club0000000000000000
22 Sinclair, Matthew jStockton & Northern Districts Cricket Club0000000000000000
23 Andrews, Daniel JMerewether Cricket Club0000000000001000
24 Balcomb, BenHamilton-Wickham Cricket Club0000000000000000
25 Mayo, Chad AMerewether Cricket Club0000000001000000
26 Hickey, MitchellCardiff-Boolaroo District Cricket Club0000000000000000
27 Hines, GrantWaratah-Mayfield District Cricket Club0000000000001000
28 Durrheim, JontyWaratah-Mayfield District Cricket Club0000000001000000
29 Hanlon, RhysHamilton-Wickham Cricket Club0000000000000000
30 Cooper, Rhys MHamilton-Wickham Cricket Club0000000000001000
31 Cox, Tristan LStockton & Northern Districts Cricket Club0000000000000000
32 Melmeth, LincolnStockton & Northern Districts Cricket Club0000000000000000
33 Dwyer, Liam JHamilton-Wickham Cricket Club0000000000001000
34 Dwyer, Thomas AHamilton-Wickham Cricket Club0000000000000000
35 Dundas, HamishHamilton-Wickham Cricket Club0000000000000000
36 Tantos, NicholasNewcastle City Cricket Club0000000001000000
37 Moulton, Courtney JMerewether Cricket Club0000000001000000
38 Studdert, Timothy WHamilton-Wickham Cricket Club0000000000001000
39 McGill, Bayley MCharlestown District Cricket Club0000000001000000
40 Moore, Aiden MCharlestown District Cricket Club0010000000000000
41 Bench, Matthew JCharlestown District Cricket Club0000000001000000
42 Clancy, HaydenCardiff-Boolaroo District Cricket Club0000000000000000
43 Edwards, Joshua PCharlestown District Cricket Club0000000001000000
44 Mace, Jackson DCharlestown District Cricket Club0000000000001000
45 Piller, MitchellMerewether Cricket Club0000000000001000
46 Shaw, Matthew JHamilton-Wickham Cricket Club0000000000001000
47 Taylor, Abbey CCardiff-Boolaroo District Cricket Club0010000000000000
48 Richards, MatthewMerewether Cricket Club0001000000000000
49 Aldous, BradleyWests Cricket Club0000000001000000
50 Ellison, KyeCharlestown District Cricket Club0010000000000000
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Total Records: 376   Page: 1 of 8   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8]>Next
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Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.